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EU-Serbia relations:

EU assistance to Serbia:

EU-Serbia trade rules of origin:

As one of the Western Balkan countries and a candidate for EU membership, Bosnia & Herzegovina has signed an interim trade agreement with the EU, pending entry into force of the stabilisation and association agreement currently awaiting ratification.

General information on the stabilisation and association process with the Western Balkans

Serbia is also a member of the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA), which sets uniform trade rules across the whole of south eastern Europe (Western Balkans plus Moldova). The EU is not a party to CEFTA, but supports the process.

Serbia also benefits from EU autonomous trade preferences (until the end of 2015), allowing nearly all exports to enter the EU without customs duties or limits on quantities. Only wine, baby beef and certain fisheries products enter the EU under preferential tariff quotas.

Serbia is in the process of accession to the World Trade Organisation.